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The Division SG Kit

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The Division SG Kit is now Available to Download Whats included in this kit see Product Description


What you will get in this kit.

1. 3 Weapon Equip System With Full Ammos System
2. Each Weapon has there own Ammo System
3. 3 Weapon Skeleton Mesh Pistol,M4 Rifle,M3 Rifle
4. Full Damage system for Ai and player both can take damage
5. Fully Functional Division Hud with all Animation
6. Greanade Throw system with animation and damage system also added
7. Player Respawn afater died enemy respawn system
8. Ai is very good they can track u and hunt u down and ai can run and shoot and sense player
9. Fully functional Play demo map
10.Track mine
11.Health system
12.Text Damage Float system
13.Alots of sound Effacts
14.Blood splash when player shoot Ai or Ai shoot player
15.All animstarter pack with other amination we add
16.Crosshair added
17.Player pickups like health Ammos for each weapon and Grenade pickup system

1 review for The Division SG Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Can it handle Multiplayer and have some blueprint that shows how to like cheats a Multiplayer shooter game?

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